To provide clients integrated sustainability and engineering services to help safe, efficient and sustainable operations of their business activities.
Providing expert assistance to clients from sustainability policy making to the program implementation, including monitoring, reporting and maintenance to for the optimized performance and future-proofing their facilities at the same time.

Engineering services

Our Electrical system designs ensure safety, reliability and efficiency both for utilization and maintenance.
Our Data Analysis abilities has helped numerous major clients to take confident decisions about their electrical infrastructure, to save millions of dollars from both new and refurbished sites.
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Energy & Sustainability

Built environment sustainability refers to ensuring that buildings not only use energy....
Latest standards development provide opportunities to correspond quality management standards to the energy management program for sustained energy efficiency. We provide services to develop and implement the quality energy management program.
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PV Solar

PV Solar system feasibility and design

Consulting Documentation

Sustainability Guidelines, Engineering Design, Specification, Drawings, and Reporting

Case Studies

Sydney Opera House, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Optus Telecom